Executive Management Team
Executive Management Team


Our Executive Management Team has a sterling record of committment to growth and development. They have managed to build a strong staff culture, catering to the needs of our employees while providing the stability and support they have come to know and trust.

Christopher Woodhams
Christopher Woodhams,
Director, Chief Operating Officer
Adlyne Griffith
Adlyne Griffith,
Head Training & Development
Camille Pereira
Camille Pereira,
VP, Insurance Operations
Deborah Ann Modeste-Clarke
Deborah Ann Modeste-Clarke,
Regional Manager, Group Services
Nicholas Garcia
Nicholas Garcia,
Senior Manager, Claims
Michelle Fuller
Michelle Fuller,
Senior Manager, Human Resources
Nisa Dass
Nisa Dass,
Senior Manager, Corporate Services
Anouk Lee Wo-Mollenthiel
Anouk Lee Wo-Mollenthiel,
Head of Compliance, Corporate Secretary
Kimberley Contant
Kimberley Contant,
Chief Financial Officer
Renato Lezama
Renato Lezama,
Vice President, Technical Operations
Nazra Ali
Nazra Ali,
General Manager, North West Premium Finance Ltd