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5 days ago

At the Beacon Insurance we are 150% committed to making your claims process easier and your accident experience less stressful - which is why we have invested in Forensys to improve our customer experience.

When you get into an accident just call 866-8888 and a Forensys reporter will appear on the scene - where a highly trained professional will report on the accident, they will use this portable printer and tablet to provide you with a receipt and within 24 hours your report is provided to the insurer for quick and easy claims processing !
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6 days ago

** NEW TOYS / NEW SERVICE used by our partners - Forensys to conduct accident reporting, so that we can make your claims process easier and less stressful ! Just call 868-8888 and an agent will come straight to the accident to conduct a report at no charge.

Can you guess which one the Skid Mark Wheel is? A, B, C or D. Type the comments in the Suggestion Box and WIN two Movietowne tickets for the New Transformers movie!

* Fun Fact the Skid Mark Wheel can give the reporter a good estimate of how fast the car was going prior to the skid. For more info on this service visit us at
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1 week ago

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2 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

The Beacon Insurance Company Ltd. updated their cover photo. ... ..