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About ForenSys

In recent times, you may have noticed advertisements or signage bearing the brand “ForenSys” with a phone number to call should you have a motor incident. ForenSys is a company that has partnered with some of the major insurance companies in Trinidad to provide accident management services to their customers. This means that all private vehicle owners currently insured with Guardian General, Beacon Insurance, Massy United and Furness Anchorage are entitled to utilize this service free of charge, should they be in an accident or incident.

Who is ForenSys?

ForenSys is a Curacao-based firm that collects and documents all relevant information at the scene of an accident/incident on the insurers’ behalf. They work in conjunction with our Police Service and collect accident data for use in claims processing and accident monitoring.

What do they do?

They collect information from all parties involved which would be pertinent to the claim. This includes:

  • Written and verbal statements
  • Photographs of the damaged property and of the scene of the accident
  • Measurements of skid marks and the like
  • Relevant documents such as copy of your Driver’s Permit and Insurance

ForenSys then makes that information available to insurance companies via a web-accessible database.

Am I required to call or give a statement to ForenSys?

Using ForenSys is optional.  If you are more comfortable reporting your accident at our insurer or broker, then please do so.  If however, you are comfortable making a statement through ForenSys, call them at 866‑8888 and they will send a response team to the site of the accident.

As an insured, your insurer will accept your statement made through ForenSys as your Claim form, and begin the claims process at that point.  In some instances, (when photos are not taken by ForenSys or were not adequate) an adjuster may still need to see your vehicle post-accident and prior to repair to quantify the loss.

What are the benefits of using ForenSys?

The insurers who have purchased the ForenSys system believe that this service will result in:

  • More accurate findings of liability as the report is done while the incident is still fresh in the minds of the insureds
  • Reduced claims reporting time and with clearer details
  • Reduced need for Insurers to obtain Police Reports as the ForenSys data should remove some ambiguity
  • Reduced incidence of nefarious insurers avoiding claims payments as liability is clearer
  • Increased convenience for you as you will no longer need to come into our office to report the claim.

If I make a report to ForenSys at the scene of an accident do I still have to make a report to the Police?

Yes.  At this time, the report to ForenSys does not replace your legal responsibility to report the accident to the TTPS however, we are working towards using just the ForenSys report.

Thank you very much for your continued cooperation and for taking the time to understand our improved service offering.

For more information call 627‑9113