Yacht and Pleasure Craft

Specialist Marine Insurance is a must for Yacht and Pleasure Craft owners, especially in the hurricane-prone Caribbean.

At Beacon, we offer both Hull and Liability Insurance. Hull covers accidental loss or damage to the boat and its machinery. This includes engines, sails and other equipment on board needed to operate the boat.

Liability covers the boat owner’s legal obligations to Third Parties, including passengers, other boat owners in the event of a collision, and jetty owners. This policy also covers legal fees in the event of a lawsuit being filed for alleged negligence.

Whether you’re going on a weekend pleasure cruise with friends or out to sea on a fishing expedition with other enthusiasts, Beacon will make every effort to give the most comprehensive cover.

If the need arises, we are well known for our prompt and compassionate claims service.

Beacon’s Marine policy can also include (by arrangement):

  • Medical payments
  • Personal effects
  • Additional insured persons or organisations
  • Additional navigational areas
  • Other specified perils

Find out more about Beacon’s specialist Marine Insurance for Yacht and Pleasure Craft by contacting our Team.

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