Workmen’s Compensation

This policy covers compensation for Personal Injury by accident under the ‘Workmen’s Compensation Act’ in force when the policy is issued. It also provides compensation for injury or death by occupational diseases as specified under the ‘Act’ in force at the inception of the policy.

Under common law Employer’s Liability, an employer is not an insurer of his employees, but he can be liable for their injuries when there is a breach of common law duty of care. An employer has a duty to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of all employees. The ‘duty’ arises from an implied contractual term in the contract of employment, and from the law of negligence. Employees themselves are also expected to take reasonable care at work.

Beacon’s underwriting consideration(s): The nature of the business and the categories of workers involved as well as the estimated annual wage bill. A proposal form must be completed.