Computer / Electronic Equipment

This policy covers loss of or damage to the property insured (Computers and/or Electronic Equipment) by any accident or misfortune, subject to specific exclusions. Coverage for these items can be at the insured’s premises, anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago or worldwide.

Property insured may include:

• Desktops and/or Laptops
• Other electronics (Printers, fax machine, scanners etc)
• Portable Electronics (Camera, mobile phone, projectors, tablet etc)

A full description of the items to be insured including: serial and model numbers and individual values must be provided. Copies of recent receipts and valuations should also be submitted.

Beacon’s underwriting consideration(s): This policy is underwritten on an accommodation basis dependent upon the total sum insured and the prospective insured’s claims history. A proposal form must be completed and the policy is subject to an excess.