Fidelity Guarantee

This policy covers all direct pecuniary loss sustained by any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any of the organization’s employed including:

Embezzlement – Misappropriation by employees of property entrusted to them by their employer

Larceny or Theft – Taking with the intent to steal and keep the employer’s property

Forgery – Forged receipts or cheque signatures

Wire transfer fraud

Other criminal acts

This type of insurance may be written in any one of the following ways:

1. Individual basis – Covers one named employee and is for a specific amount.
2. Blanket basis – Covers all personnel.
3. Position basis – Covers occupations rather than individuals.

This policy carries a ‘Discovery Period’ – this period limits claims payable to those discovered within time parameters not exceeding six (6) months for a current employee, and three (3) months for former employees.

Beacon’s underwriting considerations: This type of insurance is underwritten strictly on an accommodation basis. A proposal form must be completed and the policy is subject to an excess.