This policy covers loss of money belonging to the Insured used for the purpose of the business by whatsoever cause subject to specific exceptions. The policy can be extended to cover Personal Accident following hold up and assault as well as cover for damage to a safe or strong room.

The Money Policy would cover “money” in the following situations:

• The transit – carried by the insured or his representative.

• On the insured’s premises during business hours.

• In a locked safe or strong room outside business hours.

• On the insured’s premises outside business hours but not in a locked safe or strong room (this cover is normally limited).

• In the private residence of the insured or a director of the business.

• In the custody of collectors.

• Damage to safe(s) or strong room(s).

The nature of the business is of key significance as some businesses transact more cash on a daily basis than others. For example, “Lotto” vendors or salesmen/collectors will be a more attractive risk to a thief and therefore pose a higher risk.

Beacon’s underwriting consideration(s): The nature and location of the business. A proposal form must be completed and the policy is subject to an excess.