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Employee Benefits Insurance for Smaller Companies

An ambitious and qualified professional like Hari has choices. So what surprised his family and friends was not that he finally made a bold career move. It was the offer he accepted – with a smaller company.

“What! You leavin’ a good position an’ goin’ back down de hill? Like you need a bush bath boy.”

Granny meant well, but she couldn’t quite understand that Hari was making a smart move to an equally smart and ambitious company.

What tipped the scales for him was the generous and well-structured Employee Benefits package the company had negotiated with Beacon Insurance – their Be Better plan designed especially for companies with 3 to 35 employees.

Hari and his wife were ready to start a family so he had chosen both a company and a benefits package he could grow with.

The company knew that to attract people like Hari they had to offer something special. They liked the Group Health and Group Life benefits of Beacon’s Be Better, and the built-in flexibility to make changes for their employees.

The people at Beacon were also compassionate and understanding – not what you’d expect from a large insurance company.

Hari’s wife was sold on Beacon’s Group Health benefits. It would cover the family’s everyday medical needs, such as doctor, dentist, optician and prescription drugs, as well as major medical benefits like diagnostic and preventative care and surgery.

Especially impressive was Beacon’s reputation for paying the highest rates for medical expenses.

They had gone a step further than other insurance companies by researching what major medical facilities and health professionals charged as standard, and increasing their benefit levels beyond the industry average.

Hari himself felt that Beacon’s Group Life benefits would take excellent care of his family if anything happened to him unexpectedly. For example, if he became victim to one of those crazy drivers on the roads, his family would benefit twice – once from his Life policy and again from the Accidental Death and Dismemberment rider that was built in to the policy.

He was also covered for 16 Critical Illnesses.

It wasn’t the nicest thing to think about, but Hari knows that life is a gift, not a guarantee. His decisions now are all about providing the best for his family.

When Hari explained all this to Granny she decided he didn’t need a bush bath anymore. But he did need to start delivering some great-grands.

Beacon’s Be Better Employee Benefits plan can certainly help your company attract the best people.

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