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Customer Care On The Go

Most customers want to get where they’re going as quickly as possible. Some like to talk. Others sit in silence. Nearly all are polite and considerate. A few are just plain rude.

Drivers have seen them all.

But no matter who occupies the cab every day, they’re all customers. And because the road is an unpredictable place, every customer enjoys the right to be protected by adequate insurance cover.

If you’re the Owner/Driver of a Taxi, Maxi or Bus you should contact our Team to help you work out the best protection for you and your customers.

Here’s a summary of what Beacon’s Third Party and Fully Comprehensive policies can offer you:

  • Third Party only:
    • Covers your liability to third parties if you cause them bodily injury, or damage their property, as a result of your negligence on the roads
    • Beacon will pay damages up to the limits of whichever policy you select
    • This is the least amount of cover allowed by law
  • Fully Comprehensive covers:
    • Third Party as above
    • Damage to your own vehicle
    • Windscreen damage
    • Beacon Roadside Assistance

You could also qualify for a No Claims Discount (NCD) – the longer you drive without making a claim, the greater the discount.

We also offer multi-car discounts if you insure more than one vehicle with us.

Find out more about Beacon’s Taxi / Maxi / Bus Insurance by contacting our Team.

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