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In a Class of Your Own

On a recent beach lime, one of our Team heard his friend, Luke, complaining about the high cost of insurance for his Toyota Hilux.

He was saying that he only used his Pick-Up privately, but because it was registered as commercial he had to pay more for insurance.

Wrong, Luke.

Our boy told Luke about the big advantage of Beacon’s 4×4 insurance policy: because he didn’t use his pick-up commercially he could insure it as a private vehicle and save money

Beacon pioneered the drive to have Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Pick-Ups reclassified if they’re only used privately, and we’ve designed an insurance policy especially for this class.

It’s our 4×4 Advantage Comprehensive Policy, and it includes:
  • Increased Third Party liability cover
  • ‘Own Damage’ coverage
  • The same No Claims Discounts (NCD) as cars
  • Windshield Protection
  • Free Roadside Assistance 24/7

We’ve stacked 4×4 Advantage with a superior range of added benefits:

  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Fixed Rate of Depreciation
  • Loss of Use Contribution
  • Discounts off premiums for anti-theft devices and immobilisers

Another advantage: unique discounts from approved suppliers, including:

  • Mileage Mack (tyres and rims)
  • Laughlin & de Gannes Service Centre
  • Laughlin & de Gannes Tool Store
  • Plumbing Solutions Ltd

Simply present your 4×4 Insurance certificate to get your discount.

We also offer multi-car discounts if you insure more than one vehicle with us.

Find out more about Beacon’s 4×4 Advantage Motor policy by contacting our Team.

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