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Commercial Special Type

Caterpillar, Crane, Deere, Bobcat, Beaver, Bulldozer…

The massive farm and construction vehicles we see crawling along our roadways certainly don’t remind us of the insects, birds, and animals they’re named after.

These specially licensed vehicles are used to build our towns, villages and roads, and to help farmers plant and harvest their crops.

By proudly insuring this ‘Special Type’ of road user, Beacon plays its part in keeping the wheels of construction, industry and agriculture turning.

Vehicles in this category could include:

  • Backhoes
  • Dump trucks
  • Concrete mixing trucks
  • Hardcore construction equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Cranes

Contact our Team for a full listing of ‘Special Type’ vehicles we cover.

Beacon’s ‘Special Type’ Insurance is a Third Party only policy.
  • It covers your liability to third parties if you cause them bodily injury, or damage their property, as a result of your negligence on the roads.
  • Beacon will pay damages up to the limits of whichever policy you select.
  • It’s the least amount of cover allowed by law

Find out more about Beacon’s ‘Special Type’ Commercial Motor policy by contacting our Team.

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