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Truckers and van drivers are the unsung heroes who keep the lifeblood of our economy pumping through the roadways of the land.

Ever seen those massive cranes on the docks? Everything they take off the ships they put onto trucks.

Day in, day out, haulage is happening.

But neither truck nor van would make it out the yard without being insured. What would happen to the economy then?

The way we see it at Beacon is that we help keep the wheels of commerce turning with our General Cartage insurance.

Beacon offers two types of ‘General Cartage’ policies:
  • Third Party only:
    • Covers your liability to third parties if you cause them bodily injury, or damage their property, as a result of your negligence on the roads.
    • Beacon will pay damages up to the limits of whichever policy you select.
    • It’s the least amount of cover allowed by law
  • Comprehensive – this includes cover for:
    • Damage and/or injury to a Third Party
    • Damage to your own vehicle
    • Windscreen damage
    • Special Perils (optional for an extra cost)

With the Comprehensive Policy you could qualify for a No Claims Discount (NCD) – the longer you drive without making a claim, the bigger the discount.

For a small extra cost we can cover the actual goods you are carrying under our Goods In Transit Policy.

Find out more about Beacon’s ‘General Cartage’ Commercial Motor policy by contacting our Team.

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